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MIMEICON{"filename"} -- return a meaningful icon for this filename

  • Syntax: %MIMEICON{"filename"}%
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter Description Default
    "filename" filenam or file extension to display an icon for required
    size="..." icon size; available sizes are depending on the icon set; common sizes are: 16, 32, 48, 64, 128 48; when the size isn't found in the icon set a best fitting size available will be chosen automatically
    theme="oxygen,crystal,papirus" name of the icon set to chose from; for now only these two are supported papirus or defined in configure
    class="..." css class to be applied to the img tag
    format="..." format string for the img tag ; <img src='$url' class='$class' width='$size' height='$size' alt='$name' />

The format parameter may contain the following variables:
  • $name: the name of the icon (alias: %NAME%)
  • $size: the requested icon size (alias: %URL%)
  • $url: the url to the icon (alias: %URL%)
  • $class: list of css classes applied to the img tag: foswikiIcon, the $class parameter as well as the theme name


Oxygen Crystal Papirus
video-x-generic.png video-x-generic.png video-x-generic.png video.png video.png video.png video-x-generic.svg video-x-generic.svg video-x-generic.svg
application-pdf.png application-pdf.png application-pdf.png pdf.png pdf.png pdf.png application-pdf.svg application-pdf.svg application-pdf.svg
text-plain.png text-plain.png text-plain.png txt.png txt.png txt.png text-x-generic.svg text-x-generic.svg text-x-generic.svg
application-zip.png application-zip.png application-zip.png zip.png zip.png zip.png application-x-compress.svg application-x-compress.svg application-x-compress.svg
audio-x-generic.png audio-x-generic.png audio-x-generic.png sound.png sound.png sound.png audio-x-generic.svg audio-x-generic.svg audio-x-generic.svg
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