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SET -- set a preference setting during runtime

A preference setting created via %SET{}% will only be usable in the topic where it has been found by the parser, similar to normal PreferenceSettings.

When used in an include, note that each call to %INCLUDE opens a new scope for preference variables. An %INCLUDE of another topic containing a %SET{}% statement will not define those values in the including base topic's scope. However unlike bullet/Meta style preferences, %SET{}% statements will be active while the INCLUDE is rendered.

If a perference is FINALized in a Bullet/Meta setting, then the %SET{}% macro will be unable to modify it.

In contrast, a TMPL:DEF template definition containing %SET{}% macros will add those values to the current scope as if these settings have been parsed as part of the current topic's text.

A TMPL:DEF template definition containing %SET macros will also add those values to the current scope as if these settings have been parsed as part of the base topic's text.

Setting a preference setting in a list like in

   * Set foo = %SEARCH{...

or in META settings will store the text of the TML expression.

The equivalent %SET statement:

%SET{"foo" value="%SEARCH{..."}%

will store the result of the TML expression as a consequence of the parser processing macros inside-out-left-to-right.


Parameter Description Default
"name" Name of preference to set  
value Value to set it to  


To cache the result of another macro use %SET{"search_result" value="%SEARCH{...}%"}%. The result of the value expression will be temporarily bound to the variable %search_result% and might be used within the scope of the current topic being processed, or in %INCLUDing or other %INCLUDEd topics.

Note that this macro does NOT expand FormatTokens that are used to alter the macro processing sequence. ($percent, $dollar, …).

PreferenceSettings, IncludeTopicsAndWebPages
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