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WebStatistics in Main
Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Feb 2018 1290 3 0…
GroupTemplate in Main
Edit this topic to add a description to the !
AdminUserLeftBar in Main
%ADDTOZONE{ "head" text=" #patternSideBarContents .foswikiUserName a:link, #patternSideBarContents .foswikiUserName a:visited { background:red; color:...
GroupViewTemplate in Main
GroupViewTemplate %IF{ "'.GroupViewTemplate' allows 'change' AND 'GroupViewTemplate' = 'BaseGroup' AND 'GroupViewTemplate' = 'NobodyGroup' AND {AdminUser…
WikiGroups in Main
Wiki groups dashboard Showing all known groups that can be used to define access controls in Skyloom Wiki. %TWISTY{ link=" " mode="div" }% …
WebLinks in Main
WebLinks Sidebar navigation in the Main web. See also the .SiteLinks * * %IF{"istopic '.'" then=" * "}% * *
WikiGuestSideBar in Main
WikiUsers in Main
List of Skyloom Wiki users Below is a list of users with accounts. If you want to edit topics or see protected areas of the site then you can get added to the lis…
LynnwoodBrown in Main
* Sandbox.LynnwoodBrownSandbox
DefaultWebStatistics in Main
" hideimgleft="" showlink="More info about Statistics ..." hidelink="Close info" remember="on" firststart="hide"}% About Web Statistics Notes: * Do not edit …
NobodyGroup in Main
Used to prevent dangerous actions e.g. renaming put NobodyGroup as the only group allowed to rename a topic and it can't be renamed.
RegistrationAgent in Main
The RegistrationAgent User This is a user used by Foswiki when it registers new users. This user has special access to write to , and does not need an entry i…
UserHomepageHeader in Main
Header of User Homepages Note: This is a maintenance topic, used by the Wiki administrator. The part between the horizontal rules gets included at the top of ever…
UserList in Main
User List sorted by name %SEARCH{ "form.name~'*UserForm'" nosearch="on" type="query" header=" FirstName LastName Organization State Co…
UserListByDateJoined in Main
User List sorted by date joined / updated %SEARCH{ "form.name~'*UserForm'" type="query" header=" Date joined Last updated FirstName…
UserListByLocation in Main
User List sorted by location %SEARCH{ "form.name~'*UserForm'" type="query" header=" Country State FirstName LastName Organizat…
UserListHeader in Main
Related topics: %SEARCH{ "name='WikiUsers' OR name='WikiGroups' OR name='UserList' OR name~'UserListBy*'" type="query" …
WebLeftBarExample in Main
" warn="off"}% * ** * * * * * * %IF{"istopic ''" then=" * $percntICON{\"statistics\"}$percnt $percntMAKETEXT{\"Statist…
SiteBottomBar in Main
SiteBottomBar Local version of bottombar component %USERACTIONS{ header="" format=" * $action(edit) * $action(edit_form) * $action(edit_settings) …
NatSkinUserViewTemplate in Main
%{}% 120x150^ %{}% %{}% My Personal Data Note: This information is visible only to the user and site administrators. Registered E mail %IF{"''='' or '...
KristinB in Main
My Links * Commons Decision Database * KristinBSandbox just for me My Personal Preferences Uncomment preference settings to activate them (remove the # s…
LynnwoodBrownTestUser1 in Main
LynnwoodBrownTestUser1 * Main.LynnwoodBrownTestUser1
SiteMenu in Main
SiteMenu Definition of site wide horizontal menu Implementation %IF{"'' = 'WikiGuest'" then="$percntINCLUDE{\"Main/SiteMenu\" section=\"member\"}$percn…
SitePreferences in Main
SitePreferences %MAKETEXT{ "Foswiki's default preferences are located in _1 , however settings defined here have override priority and should be used for local …
SiteTopicActionsOff in Main
Default site level configuration for the WebTopicActions WebComponent %USERACTIONS{ guest="$action(print)" restrictedactions="new, history, raw, edit, copytop…
ModeratorGroup in Main
Edit this topic to add a description to the ModeratorGroup
AdminGroup in Main
%IF{"(NOT defined GROUP) OR $GROUP = ''" then=' How to add the first administrator If you haven\'t previously set up an administrator, follow these steps: (Note:...
AdminUser in Main
Wiki Administrator User The AdminUser allows you to login without needing to register a user, or to temporarily login as AdminUser using the password set in confi…
ProjectContributor in Main
Project Contributor Not an actual user of this site, but a person devoting some of his/her time to contribute to the Foswiki Open Source project. ProjectContribut…
UnknownUser in Main
The UnknownUser User UnknownUser is a reserved name. If the UnknownUser appears, it is probably because author information for a topic could not be recovered, per…
WebAtom in Main
Skyloom Wiki's Main web
System in Main
Congratulations, you have finished installing Foswiki. This site is running Foswiki release *, Plugin API version * To learn more about Foswiki, visit the web. P…
WebNotify in Main
* .WikiGuest
WebPreferences in Main
Main Web Preferences Appearance * Set WEBBGCOLOR = #FFEFA6 * web specific background color, current color * Set SITEMAPLIST = on * Set WEBSUMMAR…
WebRss in Main
" else="Skyloom Wiki's Main web"}% /Main
WikiGuest in Main
The WikiGuest User A guest of this web, not unlike yourself. You can leave your trace behind you, just add your name in UserRegistration and create your own page….
SkyloomSkin in Main
This topic is for storing images and styles for custom branding of Skyloom Wiki. Other Skin Related topics %SEARCH{"name ~ 'Site*'" type="query" nonoise="on"...
TopicDbDump in Main
Enter name of Topic (with Web) to view db entry for: "}%
FamilyGroup in Main
Edit this topic to add a description to the FamilyGroup
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