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TopicClassification in the Public Web

Content within the Public web is organized using a TopicClassification scheme that groups topics in two ways:
  • TopicTypes group topics according to their function or purpose . Some examples might include WebLog, MeetingNote, ResearchNote, or ReferenceNote. Oftentimes, TopicType have a characteristic structure which can be defined by a "template topic".
  • SubjectAreas group topics according to the subject matter of the topic. Examples might include FamilyAndFriends, SocietyAndCulture, WebDesign, or OpenSourceMovement.

List of TopicTypes used in the Public web:

List of SubjectArea in the Public web:

To organize your topics using this TopicClassification, simply go to CreateNewTopic and follow the instructions there.

If you would like to see a new TopicType or SubjectArea created for the Public web, contact a member of the AdminGroup.

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